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Environmental Recycling, Inc. prides itself in bringing innovative and constructive solutions to any project.  We have assumed a primary role in sharing our expertise and leadership in a variety of unconventional endeavors throughout the nation, and would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your environmental recycling needs as well.

Unique solutions to challenging problems

  • Fire Reclamation Projects – We have recycled over 1200 tons of barrel hoops and baled scrap tin from distillery fires in Kentucky, and we can fully process steel beams and tin from warehouses and other fire-damaged structures.
  • Demolition – We have worked with demolition contractors on a variety of projects around the country and will work with you to develop a viable symbiotic partnership no matter how challenging your situation might be.  We are currently working with demolition contractors to clean up casinos damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
  • Auto Crushing – We have the ability to compact automobiles into small 6x6 bales, not just flatten them.  The small nature of these bales offer much higher load density and tremendous cost-savings when long hauls are necessary. 
  • Asbestos/PCBs – We worked with a demolition contactor in Bauxite, Arkansas to bale tin infiltrated with PCBs and Asbestos.  The material had to be contained in plastic and hauled long distances for safe disposal. Environmental Recycling was able to save this company hundreds of thousands of dollars in hauling costs in completing this task.
  • Decommissioning/Certified Destruction – We have prior experience working with the Federal Government to destroy decommissioned military equipment and security-sensitive materials. We have also worked in the private sector on several certified destruction projects.  We have even destroyed water!  When a well known international company needed a resourceful means to destroy one million pounds of expired canned water, we were able to assist them… at no cost to the company!

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